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About Me

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a 30 year old Millennial living in Sydney, deep in the throes of an existential crisis (cue eye roll). I’ve completed a PhD in molecular genetics, published scientific research, presented my work at international conferences and received fellowship funding from the Australian government. But none of this has fed my soul. I need more in my life, I need a creative outlet and something to channel my hunger into. One thing that has always grounded me, gotten me through ridiculously tough times, and helped me remember who I am deep down, is an intense love of music.

My husband Ben and I have been collecting records for over a year now. We have amassed a nice little collection that is steadily growing (read: getting well and truly out of hand), but we are still new to this game. Collecting and sharing music together has been a big part of our relationship since we first met at the tender age of 15. We were immediately drawn to each other upon discovering a shared love of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but it almost fell apart when I learned he didn’t have a soft spot for One Hot Minute. Luckily, we reconnected over a mutual fascination with Billy Corgan’s rage-filled nasally shrieks, and the rest is history, as they say. I love sharing our collection with the vinyl community on Instagram, where we discover even more music, and continue to learn about finding, playing and caring for our collection. Which brings me to the main reason this blog was born. I’d like to expand this sharing of my love of music to new heights, to facilitate our learning about vinyl, and hopefully pass some of that knowledge on to others.

So I’ve decided to add another small voice into the raucous uproar of music blogs to bring you My Vinyl Hours.

Here’s the deal though. I have no credentials. I can’t play an instrument to save myself, I’ve never worked in the music industry, I don’t have a hip indie job as a publicist or in marketing or social media. But what I do have, is a thirst for finding new music, a passion for Australian bands, and an obsession with collecting music. I’ve started this blog to enable me to learn, create and most importantly share my love of music and all things related. Here I will collate my New Music discoveries (mainly of the Aussie variety because it delights me to do so); Interviews with people from various facets of the music industry from bands to music photographers to producers; I will add my Current Mood of what music I am loving right now, old and new; and also share interviews with my friends from the vinyl community of their favourite bands from their hometowns in Homegrownthursdays. I also hope to inspire you to discover new things, and to facilitate your love of vinyl through sharing records you can buy, plus where to get the best turntables, amps, speakers and other vinyl related paraphernalia.

I hope you’ll join me on this probably futile, but hopefully fun ride for a collective experience of frisson (also known as the aesthetic chills of a “skingasm”).