15 Gifts for Record Lovers that aren’t Records!

Buying gifts for record lovers and vinyl collectors can be tricky. Choosing an actual album for someone else can be daunting, we can be a very picky bunch. Luckily, there are lots of other things that record collectors need (and want), but often won’t buy for themselves, opting instead to spend their money on more records! These gifts will ensure the record lovers in your life can care for and enjoy their collection to the fullest.

I’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets and products in this ultimate gifts guide for record lovers of all levels!

Gifts for Vinyl Collectors Under $30

So maybe you’re Secret Santa pick this year is a vinyl collector. You could always give them a voucher to spend at a record store, or online. To be fair, they would probably be very pleased with this gift. But if you want to go to a little more effort and give them something that they can really use, there are plenty of great gifts for record lovers in this price range!

Beginner collector

The Vinyl Vac – $27

Every record collector should know the importance of keeping their records clean. This vacuum attachment is not only easy to use, but is also extremely effective. Rather than just removing surface dust, as most record brushes do, the Vinyl Vac actually sucks all the dirt and grime out of the grooves for a much deeper clean. It can also be used after a wet clean with a wet/dry vacuum for even better results.
Clean records will result in better sound, and keep their stylus in good condition for years of listening pleasure.

Experienced collector

Vinyl Record Weight – $26

An experienced record collector is likely to have at least a few old record in their collection. Sometimes older records can be a little warped. Unfortunately, nothing can really fix a warped record, but there are a few things that can be done to improve they way they sound.
One is a vinyl record weight. It sits in the middle of the record and clamps it down as it spins. This allows the stylus to smoothly move over any warps or bumps to improve the sound output of the record. Your vinyl collecting colleague will thank you for this one.

All Ages

Outer Sleeves – $25

This is a fantastic gift for any record collector. Proper storage plays an vital role in keeping records looking (and sounding) great, and these high quality outer sleeves are a good place to start. Not only do they protect record jackets from dirt and ringwear, they also keep the record inside safe from dust. This is not the type of thing most record collectors love buying for themselves. And that means it makes a great gift for collectors of all levels. You can never have too many out sleeves, there’ll always be more records to fill them with.

Gifts for Record Lovers Under $100

This price range is a sweet spot for vinyl record paraphernalia. There are so many excellent products and gadgets to choose from. these gifts will will light up the face of any vinyl collector. Here are some of my favorite items.

Beginner Collector

Vintage-style Carry Case – $60

The excitement of sharing your record collection with friends and family will invariably lead to the organisation of listening parties among eager newbie collectors. And what better way to safely transport your precious cargo from house to house than in a vintage-style Victrola carry case.
This case is well made and durable, and can fit around 30 records, more than enough for an evening of listening to your favorite albums at your mate’s place.

Experienced Collector

Stylus Cleaner – $40

If you’ve spent a lot of money to upgrade your cartridge, you’re going to want a good stylus cleaner. While a brush might have sufficed previously, an experienced collector with an advanced setup is going to want something better. This stylus cleaner is not only more effective than a brush cleaner, it is also safer to use and won’t damage your stylus, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. It’s by far one of the better stylus cleaners available and at a great price too!

All Ages

Flipbin Model 33 – $75

Whether it’s your latest haul from an online shopping spree, or your playlist for the evening, records tend to form little piles outside of their shelving units. These piles are not only annoying, but also put your records at risk of damage.
The Flipbin is the stylish solution to your loose record problems. Made in Chicago from powder-coated aluminium, they come in many colors and comfortably hold around 30 records. They are perfect gifts for all vinyl collectors, and all their record flipping needs.

Gifts for Vinyl Enthusiasts Under $200

Sometimes you gotta spend a little extra to let someone know how much you care. There are a lot of great gifts for the record lovers that you love, that will do exactly that for under $200!

Beginner Collector

Vinyl Record Display Frames – $139

Album covers are works of art, worthy of display. These vinyl record display frames are high quality and easy to use. This means you can frequently change the albums you choose to display, or use them to store the albums on your playlist for the evening. These are a great gift for any record collector, but beginners are sure to get a kick out of displaying their favorite albums.

Experienced Collector

Vinyl Me, Please & Topo Designs Carry Bag – $165

This bag is perfect for vinyl lovers who also love to travel. If you’ve ever traveled to a city with good record stores, you’ll know the struggle of trying to get your new record purchases home safe. This bag has a large front compartment that can fit up to 30 records, and still has another pocket for a laptop and other bits and pieces. The bag can be carried in three different ways (backpack, messenger bag, or like a briefcase) to suit your style, and is padded and durable to protect your precious vinyl cargo during travel.

All Ages

ELAC Debut 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers – $199

We’re pushing the $200 limit here, but these speakers are normally $250, so this is a great price! Bookshelf speakers are perfect for a beginner collector (especially in a smaller home), and a great addition to an advanced setup. The ELAC Debut B5s were my first speakers and I absolutely adore them. They sound fantastic. This upgrade makes these the best small speakers on a budget.
If you want even better sound, go for the B6.2 for $300.

Gifts for Record Lovers $200 and Over

So that special someone in your life is a bona fide audiophile and you want to spoil them a little (or a lot). Then you can definitely have some fun in this price range! Here are a few of my current favorite products, and one that I am lusting after.

Beginner Collector

Rega Planar 1 Turntable – $475

Ok, so we’ve taken a big step up in price here. But, I wanted to share my current turntable with you. This beauty is perfect for a beginner vinyl collector and is frequently found on lists explaining exactly that (techradar.com, audioadvice.com, wirecutter.com, vinylfactory.com and vinylmeplease.com). It’s incredibly easy to set up, simple to use and won’t damage your records. It’s incredibly beautiful and the clean design will go with any set up. It also comes in white!

Experienced Collector

Rega Planar3 Turntable – $1000

I am in love with this turntable and it will definitely be my upgrade from my trusty P1 when the time comes. It is beauty made to spin. You can read a full review of this turntable at whathifi.com, talking up how the latest version of this original 1970’s turntable is still one of the best on the market. It’s a great gift for someone who is looking to upgrade their beginner/intermediate level turntable.

All Ages

Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones – $380

Gifts For Record Lovers Senheiser HeadphonesHeadphones are not something you automatically associate with listening to vinyl records, but there are lots of times they may come in handy.  If your gift receiver is a little more of a music enthusiast than you are, but you still want them to enjoy their listening time, then headphones are a great gift. For a decent sound system, you want to ensure that sound quality is preserved. The best way to do that if with a decent pair of over-ear wired headphones. These headphones are absolutely amazing. They have been rated some of the best  headphones for vinyl and make the perfect silent addition to anyone’s setup.

Treat Yo’ Self Gifts

Finding gifts for other record lovers and vinyl collectors is taxing business. And it certainly gives you a lot of food for thought! Nothing makes me want to buy something for myself quite like shopping for others. It’s all about spreading that Holiday Joy far and wide, and a part of that is spreading it to yourself! Aside from all the records on my Discogs wantlist, there are a number of other elements that could enhance my current setup.
Here are some of the things on my Christmas wish-list (hint hint)

Record shelves – $1200

Our collection is steadily growing, and so too does our need for storage! The Ikea Kallax shelving units are a common choice among collectors, and for good reason. But I have enough Ikea in my life. I want something a bit more unique and I absolutely love these shelves. Unfortunately, anything like this is going to be expensive. But a vinyl lover can dream!

Speaker Stand – $163

There are many reasons you might not want to keep your speakers on the floor. Speakers are most effective at ear height, and having them on the floor can cause unwanted sound effects and leave your speakers at risk of damage. Adding a speaker stand will help improve overall sound and can add a little aesthetic appeal to your setup. These ones are sturdy, so won’t be knocked over easily, and are perfect to accommodate bookshelf speakers or your Sonos/portable speaker. Me wanty.

Vinyl Me, Please Subscription – From $25/month

I love the idea of getting surprise records every month! It’s like a little gift to your future self. Vinyl subscription memberships make wonder gifts for record lovers of all levels., and my favorite is Vinyl Me, Please. They have 3 exclusive releases each month, with Classic, Essential or Rap & Hip Hop to choose from. They also have a great online store and offer discounts and exclusive releases to their members. Plus, they have great customer service so if anything goes wrong, you’re in good hands. If you haven’t tried them yet, I recommend the three month subscription. It’s the best value to get a taste for what they’re about, without a massive commitment.

Happy Holidays!

Hopefully this guide has helped you find gifts for all the special record lovers and vinyl collectors in your life.

Or maybe just something for yourself!