Welcome to my blog about collecting vinyl records!

This homepage is a guide through the structure of this vinyl blog and provides you with a few links on where to get started. To find out more about me and my personal journey, check out my About page for a quick intro. You can also see my FAQ page for some common questions I get on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The main purpose of this blog is to share my favourite bands, my favourite vinyl records, and my favourite vinyl equipment and accessories with you. Here you will find articles on my collection and my equipment, articles about collecting vinyl and my tops lists of everything I’m currently loving!

My Vinyl Hours is divided into two major parts:

  1. My Vinyl Records
  2. My Vinyl Collecting

The first section is all about my collection. My husband and I are slowly amassing a lot awesome records and I love to share what I am spinning. I’m also always excited to get new recommendations and suggestions, so please leave some comments! I want this to be an opportunity for me to learn from you as well as share everything I love and new discoveries I make.

The second section relates to record collecting and everything that entails, what equipment I’m using, what accessories I’m loving, the best spots to shop online for vinyl records and maybe even a few record store locations to check out! As a bit of rookie collector myself, I’m excited to share everything I learn along the way.

I hope you enjoy joining me on this wonderful and every expanding vinyl collecting journey!